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Bubbles 14th February 2012 14:34

Curtain for a round window
My son has a round window in the bedroom at which he wants to hang a cutain. I am happpy to make the curtain but he wants to fit it in the round recess. Has anyone a suggestion for a way of hanging this as I can't see how a curtain rail will work and he wants to be able to open and close the curtain. Suggestions gratefully received. :roll:

esseesee 14th February 2012 16:36

Re: Curtain for a round window
Try asking in a narrow-boat community - they seem to have lots of circular windows. Goodness knows how they manage to curtain them, but they do!

Jessie 14th February 2012 16:40

Re: Curtain for a round window
If he wants it fitted round the window, I think you will have to use some sort of curtain wire arrangement.

Have you looked on They tackle all kinds of window treatments there...

Good luck, Jessie

hummingbird 15th February 2012 13:17

Re: Curtain for a round window
You could try a bendable track from Merrick & Day - choose one with holes for curtain hooks or velcro for a velcro friendly tape. They make a 'fixed' heading where the top of the curtain does not move, you hold the curtain open with a tieback or holdback.

Bubbles 15th February 2012 22:17

Re: Curtain for a round window
Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like I will be doing some on line research for the best option but it all makes for an interesting challenge.

Ros 15th February 2012 22:42

Re: Curtain for a round window
For our conservatory we had track with runners under the track and small rings and I put rufflette tape on the curtains and normal hooks. The track was made to measure but wasn't silly money. A local curtain making/supplying shop measured and organised them but I can't remember which. We also had one to go into a sort of bay window.

Brenda P 16th February 2012 21:34

Re: Curtain for a round window
If you manage to make a round curtain fitted to a round top the only way you'll get it to open and close is to make it as two curtains joined at the top and hold open with tiebacks.

The nearest to this that I can find is here, the triangular window towards the bottom of the page (it's my daughter's website).

Brenda P 16th February 2012 22:11

Re: Curtain for a round window
More thoughts on this:

I don't think you will be able to persuade heading tape to curve enough so you will need to make the heading pleats by hand. Also I think flexible tracks will only curve parallel to the floor/ceiling, not parallel to the wall, which means that the most practical way of attaching would be velcro on teh back of the heading pleats and around the top of the window.

Alternatively you could try one of these.

hummingbird 18th February 2012 16:43

Re: Curtain for a round window
You can read about using curtain tape for an arch window on the Rufflette web site here

Brenda P 18th February 2012 17:07

Re: Curtain for a round window
Using that method with a straight cut at the top of the fabric means that the hem at the bottom will not lie on the straight grain. To achieve a straight grain hem the top needs to be curved. Calculate it by measuring the semicircle at the top, transfer to paper and spread it out, by cut and slash, so that it is two or two and a half times the original width but keep the same height. Then add whatever drop is required, including sufficient for the hem.

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